Checklist:  Diaper Changing Essentials

Checklist: Diaper Changing Essentials

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A put-together nursery doesn't just mean having stylish crib sheets and a safe crib. It also means having a setup that makes your life with baby easier.Distasteful as diaper changes may seem, you’ll soon be an old pro.This post contains recommendations for diaper changing essentials.


  1. A ton of diapers and wipes. This one might sound like a no-brainer, but stock up! It's very easy to quickly run out of diapers and wipes, and you don't want to find yourself in a very important diaper-free-baby moment, rummaging through the diaper bag in hopes there's one left (or worse, realizing there's not!).


  1. Changing pad with safety clip. Babies can be really wiggly, and no matter how strong you are, you'll need to make sure yours is extra secure during changes.


  1. Diaper pail.Before you accidentally miss when tossing that diaper across the room, move the diaper pail closer to your changing station, within arm's reach. Whether it's a step-can or motion activated, it should have a way of opening that's hands-free.


  1. Baby lotion.Whatever lotions or potions your pediatrician recommends you use to care for baby's skin, umbilical cord, and/or circumcision, have them handy at changing time. These are the moments you've got baby's skin exposed, so use them! You don't want to have to undress baby more often than you already are.


  1. Storage bins or drawer organizers.Obviously, you're going to need places to put all the diaper changing gear. If you have open shelving, you'll want bins to put the diapers and products in. If you use a dresser top as a changing table, consider drawer organizers to wrangle the stuff.


  1. A few favorite toys. Oh, the joys of trying to change a dirty diaper when your kid can't help but grab his feet, and little ... parts (moms with boys know). Definitely keep something enticing nearby -- a mobile, a colorful rattle or other favorite item -- to keep baby distracted and occupied.


  1. Soothing items. Some babies really hate having their diapers changed. Soft music, a pacifier, or another soother can help prevent a fussy bout.


In addition to the necessities mentioned above, we also recommend that mothers get a changing pad liner.I know about many people hold an uncertain attitude to use a changing pad liner or not. Let's take a look at the benefits of using a changing pad liner.

  1. Use a changing pad liner to avoid staining your diaper table, which is more difficult to clean than a pad liner. There are disposable changing pad liners and washable changing pads liners, choose what you think is appropriate.However, we recommend using changing pads liners because they are more eco-friendly.
  2. Reduce the load on your carry-on bag. If you choose not to use a changing pads liner, that means you'll also need to bring a changing pad cover to protect the diaper table, a spare garment to keep your baby from getting dirty while changing diapers, a cloth to wipe the diaper table  and a diaper liner can to throw away dirty things after cleaning.

As you might define, Covers and liners aren't essential, but they are a good idea.

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