Do You Need Sheets For Pack And Play

Do You Need Sheets For Pack And Play

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As parents, we always have a lot of things to think about especially after the baby is born.There is no doubt that you need a playard. When you go out activities, it is essential to have it.However, we may wonder whether or not they need sheets for their pack and play. With so much else to worry about, are these necessary?

Sheets for Pack n Plays or playards are completely optional. Purchasing sheets can make the pack and play easier to clean up after spills and general use.Because Pack and Plays are hard to clean. 

While Pack and Play sheets are not entirely necessary, there are quite a few reasons to use them if you plan on letting your baby sleep in the playard. Come along as we discuss all of the different reasons you may want to think about purchasing a set of sheets for your playard.


what are pack n play sheets?

 Playard sheets are machine washable sheets that are made for the standard-sized playard for an infant.They are a mattress protector and sheet in one. They provide the protection you need to keep the pack and play mattress clean by lining the sheet with a waterproof mattress protector .Of course,they also have the non-waterproof types. They are super soft, as the protective layer is underneath the overlaying sheet.

Some comments about if it is necessary

  Now we know what is pack n play sheet,but we still want to know if we need to buy it.Let we check the comments from parents.

  1. You don't have to but it's easier to clean up diaper leaks and drool if you stick a waterproof pad under a sheet to switch out when needed.
  2. I personally used sheets, and I am glad that I did solely for the fact that my son had awful reflux. The sheet caught most of the spit up so I didn’t have to spend 10 minutes trying to scrub out the stain (Hard lesson learned...). Instead, I could usually get away with wiping the pad down with a Lysol wipe and there wasn’t a stain and it did not smell.
  3. Not necessary, but is nice to have. Another item is a pack n play mattress if you plan to use instead of crib for a length of time. We found it helpful and now at almost 2 it's a nice mat to play on the floor since the pack n play us used only for travel now.
  4. Definately get one of those water proof things AND the pack n play sheet. My Graco pack n play mattress doesn't have a removeable cover. So, when DS (dear son) would leak pee on it, we had to take it outside and spray it down with the house and then it took forever to dry.  Super annoying. If your baby pees on the sheet, then you can just wash that, much easier to deal with.
  5. It comes with a mattress pad of sorts (you probably know that), but you will want a waterproof pad/cover/sheet.  We have 1 THICK waterproof mattress cover for our pack n play, which we may have gotten directly from Graco (I can't remember).  Then a couple of thin fitted sheets we can swap out.

Are pack n play sheets safe?

There are many parents consider not to buy pack n play sheets because they feel it is not safe.So are pack n play sheets safe?The answer is Yes. pack n play sheets are no different in fit or form than regular crib sheets. So, while sheets for the pack n play may not be necessary, they are absolutely safe for use just as your crib sheets would be safe for use. Just be absolutely sure that they are close-fitting and there is no chance that they could be pulled off by your baby. This could lead to a potentially dangerous situation.

In some cases, like the communal pack and play example mentioned above, having a set of sheets to change can actually be safer than not having the sheets. This is because changing the sheets frequently reduces germs or lice spreading between babies.

In short, if you're concerned about providing a clean, comfortable place for your child to sleep, consider buying a pack and play bed sheet.Our sheets fit graco pack n play.If you want to know more,pls click here:

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