Bedding for the whole family.


What Customers are Saying

I was skeptical about getting this, but it ended up being a good one! We had house guestsand their infant spit up some medicine on the bed. It was bright purple in color. I was worried it would go through the cover onto the mattress and void the warranty of our brand new mattress. However this protected it even after it was left on there for a while (we didn’t know or we would’ve washed everything in the middle of their stay). Super impressed with it and it doesn’t have a plasticy feel toit.

Kei H

Our 4 yrl old decided to test this out a couple nights ago after an accident in the bed and to my surprise it WORKED! i was surprised because when we first received it and i was able to feel it, it felt very thin and ineffective but this is far from the truth it also held up very well in the washer and dryer no rips no tears.


It has some stretch to it so it helped out a lot. Putting it on is doable with only one person, but if you are out of shape like I am, be prepared to have water next to you lol It has a plastic-like lining on the inside which is nice for spills, cotton towel type on the top. I still plan on putting normal sheets over it because i honestly cannot imagine trying to take it on and off every time its due for a wash. For the price and what its meant for, i think its a great investment to protect your mattress.


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