Are Changing Pad Covers Necessary?

Are Changing Pad Covers Necessary?

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Unless you have had a baby, you wouldn’t understand why it is essential to use a changing pad cover. The biggest question today is; why use changing pad cover?

Just like most parents think, after giving birth to their first child they were not usually a great fun of these changing pad covers. They may hear about them and see them on TV commercials but, it never did strike parents as them being necessary. It was not until parents had to wash their blanket absorber nearly four times in a day that they decided to give it a trial.


After reading the above, you may still have doubts about buying changing pad covers.Let's take a look at some of the Internet comments on not having to buy changing pad covers



 I hope not, with DD (dear daughter) number 1 I never had one...and I was not planning on getting one for DD (dear daughter) number 2.


I think it's just a matter of preference. We didn't use a Cover with my son because I got tired of having to wash it several times a day. However we're buying a few of them this time around because our changing pad had a hammer set on it in storage that cracked open the vinyl. Only one layer of the vinyl is broken so it's so till waterproof and wipeable, but I'm worried about the broken edges scratching baby's delicate skin.

If you do get a cover, do yourself a favor and buy at least 2-4 because you'll have to wash them often the first month or two, especially if you breastfeed.


 I don't think you need one.  This time around I did get one... but only to help bring some green into baby's room.


I used them... mainly because I thought that I wouldn't want to be laid out on some piece of cold plastic to be changed when I was already uncorfortable and wet/poopy so I figure I shouldn't do that to LO (little one) either... but I don't think it is a necessity necessarily.



From the above evaluation, we know that the majority of those who oppose the changing pad covers think that it is not necessary or it has no practical use. But Is it really?


 It's often said that you can't feel the importance of something without it.A changing pad cover can brighten your day and here are the reasons as to why:

  1. Easy to wipe and wash

Changing pad covers are made of vinyl material that is waterproof and easy to wipe. Hey, while changing your baby an “accident” may happen, you don’t have to worry much. Unlike the absorption mattress which needs to be washed anytime a mess occurs all you need to do is wipe a changing pad cover.

At night things become even much easier. Correct me if I’m long but it seems like babies have the instinct to know when you have just changed them into clean diapers. The poop and pee barely minute after you have just changed them. With a changing pad cover, all you need is just to wipe it; this will save you much time unlike changing the absorption blanket.


  1. Fashionable

Yes! Changing pad covers comes in a variety of colors, shapes, and designs. I am in the modeling industry and fashion, and matching colors are just my thing. You can actually have a changing pad cover that matches your baby’s nursery. This makes the place attractive and organized.


  1. More comfortable to the baby

Some of the changing pad covers are made of cotton which feels comfortable to the skin of your baby. Nothing beats the feeling of changing your baby’s diaper as they smile and laugh. This brightens the whole experience. And. You actually don’t have to change the pad cover every time, not at least it gets messy.


  1. Cheap

Most changing pad covers are available at pocket-friendly prices. You don’t have to sacrifice a lot of your savings to get one. In fact, they cost less compared to buying an absorption blanket. Hey, this will help you save at least a dollar or two.

In fact, many people do change their minds after they use changing pad covers .Let's take a look at the comments of these supporters



Well, you don't have to.  But it might be more comfortable for the baby.... specially this summer! Would *you* want to lie down on plastic while you're hot and sweaty?


Would you sleep on a bare mattress?  You don't *need* sheets, but we all use them.  I do agree that the vinyl would be easier to clean in case there's a leak/mess.  Still..... if I were to use a changing table and contour pad, I would put a fitted cover on it (a towel would just slip around and irritate me).  To prevent messes from spreading, I would put a paper towel down (but only if I knew I had a messy diaper on my hands).


But to me, that's all a lot of layers to deal with (table, pad, cover, paper).  I'll just change her on the bed, couch, floor or PnP, and put a paper towel down in case of a bad mess.  They do make disposable changing pads, which look like extra thick paper towels, or plastic-lined papers like the dentist has.  Obviously, Babies'R'Us has it.  I wouldn't use a dispoable with a contour pad just because it's so wasteful (financially, mostly) to have *all* that stuff (really, come on).  I just like to keep it simple.


If I did have a contour changing pad, I would only change the cover if it got poop or peepee on it... not all the time.  I guess if you're the type of person to not use a towel more than once, that might seem bad to you.  But you have to be practical sometimes.  Anyhow, I recommend terry-cloth covers, *not* plush velvety or velour covers.... not for the summer.  You're putting the baby's bottom on it, so it doesn't need to be fancy.... and fancy cloth is too hot.


 As mothers, all we want is the best for our babies. If you haven't tried it, why not?Maybe you'll love it for it

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