How to Fold a Fitted Sheet

How to Fold a Fitted Sheet

fold fitted sheet

Have you ever had the trouble of not knowing how to fold a fitted sheet, or you can't make it the way you want it to be?This is when you need to consider the way you fold, with the elastic hem of the sheets are more difficult to fold.But it doesn't have to be unfoldable. All you need, I believe, is an effective folding method.


Here are some of “How to Fold A Fitted Sheet” ways. It’s amazing how something like folding a fitted sheet can drive so many people crazy! Hopefully, this will help you get it under control!

We get this question so often, “What if my sheet has elastic on all the sides?” The idea is still the same. Tuck the 4 corners into each other smooth the sides as best as you can and continue. I do like to do my sheets which are like this laying on a table or bed and it does take a minute or so longer but it is still done the same way.


  It sounds easy, but it's really hard to do.I think you might need specific steps.Here's how to fold a  fitted sheet.


  1. Hold the sheet inside. Put your hands into the corners of one of the shorter sides of the sheet.


  1. Bring your hands together, wrapping the right hand corner over the left hand corner. The part that’s showing should be right side out.


  1. Use your hand to follow the elastic downward to prevent it from becoming twisted and grasp the corner that’s hanging in the front at the bottom.


  1. Bring that bottom corner up.


  1. Fold that corner over the corners in your left hand so that it’s now inside out.


  1. Repeat the previous two steps with the fourth corner, which should now be facing the correct side out.


  1. Put the sheet onto a flat surface. It should be square – more or less – with the elastic at the top, making an L-shape.


  1. Fold the sheet into thirds or fourths depending on sheet size, then thirds or fourths again and it’s ready for your linen closet.


This takes a certain level of finesse, so be patient — it may take a few tries to master. When the folded sheet forms a perfect rectangle, fold it two or three more times: once vertically and once horizontally. And now, you’ve reached the highest level of sheet folding know-how. Congratulations ! 

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