Mattress Pad Vs Mattress Protector :the difference between them

Mattress Pad Vs Mattress Protector :the difference between them


What is the difference between a “mattress pad” and “mattress protector”? While they may seem interchangeable, they actually are quite dissimilar and serve different functions.   Want to know the difference? Here’s an overview:


What Is A Mattress Pad?

   A mattress pad can often be visually identified by light padding and a quilted top. It’s placed on a mattress just like a fitted sheet and forms a layer between your sheets and the mattress.The primary purpose of a mattress pad is to enhance comfort.Besides,some mattress pads have waterproof and hypoallergenic properties along with extra padding, which may make them worth the added purchase.

A mattress pads primary purpose is to add comfort to your mattress.  If you’re unhappy with the current comfort level of your mattresses, a mattress pad is a great short term solution to add comfort to an older or uncomfortable mattress.


What Is A Mattress Protector?

As its name implies, the primary job of a mattress protector is to protect the mattress from stains, spills, and bed wetting. It will generally lack any sort of padding or the quilted appearance of a mattress pad.There are different kinds of them that have different functions.

Most mattress protectors will be installed on a mattress in the same manner as a fitted sheet, covering the top and sides.

 Some variations will completely cover the top, bottom, and sides, and feature a sealed zippered enclosure, offering 360-degree protection of the mattress.

   As you’d expect, a mattress protector uses purpose-built fabrics and features to act as a protective layer between your sheets and your mattress, shielding against spills and stains.What you may not expect is that many mattress protectors can also enhance wellness and quality of sleep by sealing out allergens (like pollen), dust mites, and even bed bugs.

     Besides,It’s also worth noting that mattress encasements can also be used as a box spring cover/box spring protector. This delivers 100% protection for your expensive bedding, preserving performance and in many cases doubling life to the product.

  Mattress Pad VS Mattress Protector

Whatever mattress pad or mattress protector,they all have their own advantages.You can choose according to your own needs.As to whether it is better to choose mattress pad or mattress protector, we have listed the reasons why people might choose one of them.


people may consider a mattress pad:

  • They need additional support and/or comfort or customization for medical reasons
  • Their mattress is too firm – they can add a mattress pad or topper to adjust the firmness
  • Their current mattress is older and no longer comfortable but they are not ready to replace it
  • They want to waterproof/protect their bed but they don’t want a mattress protector
  • Their mattress protector makes noise and they want to muffle it with a comfortable mattress pad


  people may consider a mattress protector:

  • Serve as contaminant barrier, protecting against dust mites, bacteria, and water.
  • Most are waterproof or water-resistant, shielding the mattress from perspiration, urine, spills, and other liquids.
  • Keep mattresses from retaining moisture that could lead to mold in humid regions.
  • Can aid in keeping mattress toppers in place.
  • Most are hypoallergenic and won’t trigger sleeper allergies.
  • Help prevent bed bugs infestations.
  • They extend the life of your mattress, protecting it from the various issues and elements listed above.

The decision between a mattress pad or a mattress protector will ultimately come down to your needs. If you’ve recently purchased a new mattress and want to protect your investment, a mattress protector can do that for you. If you have an old bed or are unhappy with your current mattress’ comfort or firmness level, a mattress pad in the appropriate thickness and material can help improve your sleep experience.

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